Nadin Vay

I was in love with fashion and beauty from my early childhood. I remember how excited I was when I was looking for a new outfit in my mom's wardrobe and tried to color my lips when she did not see me.

Every little girl likes to feel like an adult, independent and beautiful, and we are starting our experiments to make it real and show ourselves to others.

Beauty is the main aim of all our efforts in front of the mirror, multi-year diets, and weekly sports training. 

What is most important in this word? And are there specific standards and "Ideals of Beauty"? No. There are absolutely no limits and no rules beyond which we are trying to create.

 Generated "Ideals of Beauty" are changing with every new decade and even every year or season. But the reality is that only fashion is changing so fast and keeps the beauty inside of us. 


Only fashion dictates us what to wear in the current season and which make-up and hairstyle we should choose to be on top. 

Only fashion makes us feel uncomfortable if we must have put on a pound or two. 

And of course, only fashion makes us happier and more confident after a pleasant shopping. 


Well, for me, shopping is the little part that fills me for some time and makes me feel joyful and satisfied. 

So why do we try to follow trends and study fashion? Because we are looking for those positive emotions and confidence in ourselves and what we can do.


         It is not a secret that if you want to climb Everest, you need the right suit for it and the following accessories as well. The same in life, all new garments and accessories are vital for a successful person. It is just adding some value and insurance for our "position on the market."


If we succeed in some deal, no matter business or love relationships, we feel ourselves better. Is it not the main aim of our style? I think it is, and we are on the right way to reach success. 


After all my experiments with my style, I started to wonder about fashion, and I decided that I want to create something new that I have never seen before, and I want to show people new garments and fresh style, and I have called it FRAQAIR.


The combination of natural elements and three most potent energies (Fire, Aqua, Air)


This style – bright, fun, and sweet with some spice, I would like to see on the streets. Because a woman is always different!

Active and dynamic at work. Gentle and careful in family life. Romantic but crazy in love relationships.

I think this is our power, in transformation and mobility. We can do several things at the same time while thinking through an action plan in the head. And for each case, we need a particular dress code, which is the basis of our self-confidence.


Do we want one or another thing? Or is it only for emotions we receive from the new pair of shoes or dress?

For me, fashion and style are the real keys to success as they are completely changing our mood and opinion about ourselves if we are happy what we see in the mirror we already proud of our work and can do more and more to reach the success. The most important thing is to keep this self-confidence during the whole journey. 


I am sure you love the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" and remember about the incredible success of the main character in the most prestigious fashion magazine, who just changed her style and became successful in the fashion industry.

It is a magical secret of how your style influences on your life and business. 


We should look like a person we want to be. Then you will become an even better person.

Style influence our unique beauty, which is inside. That's why we must choose the right style to reflect the original person who we are. 

People will see it through your eyes and movements.

The style which we choose influence on our character, confidence and success in the future.




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